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Terms of use and privacy policies


On this page you will find a standard version of the terms and conditions of the Venecargo Xpress website. Note that certain countries may require different terms and conditions. The Terms and Conditions of use of the Venecargo Xpress website are the following:

The copyright to this publication is the property of Venecargo Xpress LLC.

Authorization for reproduction
Any person can reproduce any part of the material of these web pages sumit to the following conditions: the material can only be used for informational or non-commercial purposes, it can not be modified in any way, no unauthorized copy of any registered trademark of Venecargo Xpress can be made, any copy of any part of the material must include the following copyright notice: Copyright © Venecargo Xpress LLC. All rights reserved.

Use of interactive features on this site
For your convenience, Venecargo Xpress may offer interactive features on this site, such as newsletters and cost calculations. You are authorized to use these features only for specific purposes and for no other purpose.

Products and services
Unless it has been expressed in written form, the transportation of products and services mentioned in this web page is subject to the terms and conditions of shipment of Venecargo Xpress. Since these may vary depending on the location of the country of origin of the shipment, contact the nearest Venecargo Xpress service center for a copy of the local terms and conditions. Not all Venecargo Xpress products and services may be available in all countries.

Information divulgation
All information provided to Venecargo Xpress by visitors to this website will be considered confidential and will not be divulged by Venecargo Xpress to any third party, except in the case that it is required for the provision of services.

Privacy statement
Venecargo Xpress is committed to preserving the privacy of the users of its website. All the information you provide about yourself will be used exclusively to improve the services we offer you and to make the content and services the website easier to use and more appropriate for you. We may use this information with your permission, to contact you with information about updates to our website or other marketing information.